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Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta almost defies description as a resort.  Offering an extremely wide variety of attractions and entertainment options.  Puerto Vallarta has something special for everyone, regardless of your personal preferences. There are many cultural events and exhibits, exciting day trips to the jungle, relaxing days at the beach and countless romantic hideaways.  immeasurable activities, both on and off the water that will keep you entertained, until it is sadly time to depart.  Night life abounds with many popular night clubs and an array of quality restaurants to please even the most discriminating palette.  Puerto Vallarta is yours to savor and is, without a doubt, one of the friendliest and cleanest beach resorts in all of Mexico. 


This beautiful city by the bay has a population of over 300,000 friendly residents and covers more than 1,200 square kilometers.  This is a city with modern infrastructure and conveniences that has somehow managed to maintain its unique Old Mexico charm, unlike so many of the other more glitzy resorts.  In many any areas of Puerto Vallarta you will feel like you are taking a step back in time.  A step back to a much simpler time, donkeys are still used for delivery in many parts of this unique city. Many of the crafts available here are made by local Indians who have been producing their wares using the same methods for hundreds of years. 

A modern marina and cruise ship port attract visitors on ships and yachts from all over the world. The city's clean, friendly atmosphere, unique Old Mexico ambiance and incredibly diverse shopping possibilities attract International and Mexican tourists in droves.  These unique attractions lure many of these visitors to return over and over again.  Many of these tourists end up becoming full time residents or retiring in Puerto Vallarta. 

Puerto Vallarta enjoys over 300 sunny days a year with temperatures averaging right around 83 degrees. Many visitors do not realize that Puerto Vallarta is situated on the same latitude as Hawaii and enjoys a similar sunny and tropical climate.  English is widely spoken, especially in the downtown shopping and dining areas.





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